About the New Calendar

To make USC events easier to post and find, we migrated from our 10 year old homegrown system to a new, third-party system called Localist.

Event Discovery

In our old, decentralized event calendar, it was really hard to get a comprehensive picture of what was happening on campus. Our new system is centralized so that visitors can see all the events on campus by event type, date, department, or keyword, without going to a bunch of different sites.

More Features, More Stability

Our old calendar system is based on an outdated structure that doesn’t allow for the kind of features students expect. The new system is much more integrated with social platforms to encourage sharing, and will streamline event promotion.

Ease of Use

The new system is easier to use and supports integration with personal calendars (Google Calendar and iCal) and enables emailed event reminders so that people don’t forget about your events.

What happened to eCal?

The old calendar system, eCal version 4, was retired on July 1, 2016, and is no longer available. The main calendar url, usc.edu/calendar now directs to the new calendar at calendar.usc.edu, and the old administrative site, usc.edu/ecal, will be retired on August 1, 2016.

If you used the API to display events on your site, either via web components or JSON, these will no longer work, so you will need to update your code to call the new system. Please see http://www.localist.com/doc/api for help using the new API calls. Note that while this is available for your use, web services does not offer support for this.