USC Event Calendar Help

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Add Event Listings to Your Site

Anyone is free to display USC event listings on a website, but implementation is strictly DIY – ITS Web Services does not offer support or troubleshooting for embedding event listings on sites we did not build.

You can pull a feed based on a number of criteria, and adjust it to get only the events you want using combinations of:

  • department
  • audience
  • campus
  • event type
  • tag/keyword
    Tags and keywords can both be used to filter events, but a tag is visible an event, while a keyword is not. If you need a tag, because you need a way to filter events across various departments, you must email to make sure tags are unique.

There are two ways to display events:

Embed the Localist Widget (Easy)

Use Localist’s widget builder. Fill out the form and it will create an embeddable script (a few lines of code) to add to your site’s page. View our demo here.

Use the Localist API (Advanced)

Have your web developer use Localist’s API to add your feed. This method offers more flexibility than the widget, but requires more technical skill and time up front. Your developer can manipulate how specific elements appear on your site and customize the CSS.