USC Event Calendar Help

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Manage Department Event Admins

There are limits on the number of event admins per department calendar. This is to ensure that there is a clearly responsible party, and also to streamline the maintenance of active users.

Most departments have a single admin, but if you have a large number of events (over 20 per term) and need to designate another user as a backup, you can request additional permissions for another user. Only current Event Admins can make this request.

  • Please email with the subject line: “Calendar: Add Event Admin” (replace “Add” with “Remove” or “Change” to remove or replace an admin).
  • Make sure to specify your department and provide name and email address of the Event Admin.
  • If you are not an Event Admin, contact your department’s Event Admin to make this request.
  • If you are a Dornsife Platform Admin, please email for assistance.