USC Event Calendar Help

using for public event promotion

Viewing Events

All events on are accessible to the public, so anyone can search, browse, or view events at USC by event type, audience, or location. 

If you’re logged in with your USC email address (your USC NetID), you can also add events to your personal calendar, or subscribe to your favorite departments so you never miss a thing.

USC Event Calendar

If you’re an accepted student, but aren’t currently enrolled, your USC email address won’t be available to login until your first term begins.

Where do my events appear on

Once approved, your event will appear in three main places:

  • the department or tag feed landing page that you designated on the event
  • the All Events page, organized by date
  • any feed where matching filters assigned to the event are used

Using Filters

Your event will appear whenever a user selects a filter that matches the event. For example, if the event is assigned to the “Students” audience, the “University Park Campus” campus, and the “Music” event type, then the event will appear when users select any of those filters.

Events on the calendar homepage

There are two types of events that appear on the homepage:

Featured Events

These are “signature events” that appear at the top of the homepage and include events such as prominent speakers or performers and events that celebrate University priorities, for example. These are handpicked by the calendar editor, who monitors submitted events to feature.

Event Highlights

The events feed below Featured Events are also individually chosen by the calendar editor, and are representative of the most engaging upcoming events.

If you want your events to be considered as a Featured Event or Event Highlight, be sure to follow the event listing best practices.

What about external sites?

Departments or other websites can display USC calendar event listings on their own websites, for cross-promotional purposes. See Add Event Listings to Your Site to find out how. Note that these events are pulled into external sites automatically, based on the filters chosen.